Museum People’s Tattoos

Are you working in a museum and have a tattoo? Join new museum blogs project developed by Paul Orselli and Beth Redmond-Jones, send a pic of your tattoos and tell their stories: Museum People’s Tattoos.

Müzede çalışıyorsunuz ve dövmeniz mi var? O zaman Paul Orselli ve Beth Redmond-Jones tarafından geliştirilen müze blogları projesine katılın, dövmenizin fotoğrafını gönderin ve hikayesini anlatın: Museum People’s Tattoos.

“Many museum folks have a love for tattoos—their cultural significance, their artistic quality, their documentation of the natural world, and some, just for their own personal meaning. For years, we have talked about tattoos, the ones we want, the design, the stories behind them, and the artists who create them. So, lets post our tats and our stories!”




Want to share your own story and tattoo? // Kendi hikayenizi ve dövmenizi paylaşmak ister misiniz?
Follow the link // Linki takip edin –> Museum People’s Tattoos

I’ll send mines asap! // Ben de en kısa zamanda göndereceğim! 

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