A Fantastic Wonderland Under the Sea

This weekend was my first visit to Bröhan Museum in Berlin, as I was invited by a friend to see a particular show: Ilna Ewers-Wunderwald. Rediscovering a Master of Art Nouveau.

The exhibition was divided into sections regarding various themes, and I was thrilled with the room entitled ‘fantasy.’

The creatures, their colors, and more importantly the emotions that they are reflecting… As a painter who has trained herself, it’s clear that Ilna was concerned not only about world but also its beyond.


Interestingly, Ilna Ewers-Wunderlich declined every offer to have her images printed, maybe she was too much of an individual herself. The obvious exception being the book illustrations that kind of prepared her works leaning more and more towards the fantastical. Now, in the 1910s, it’s no longer about well-established myths, but the creation of a microcosm of her own. A magical land under the sea inhabited by sea monsters and mermen. — World of Arts Magazine

Ilna and her lover-composer…

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