Museum Bingo: A game to engage with museums beyond exhibitions

In the era of consumer culture, more is offered by contemporary museums than just permanent and temporary exhibitions. As vital public spaces, connections with local communities are actively sought by museums through various auxiliary activities and facilities, including educational programs, films, concerts, workshops, shops, and cafes. However, the challenge lies in transforming the ‘museum image’ from being ‘historical’ to becoming ‘living’.

Hence, the game “#MuseumBuzzying | Museum Bingo” is introduced to support museum enthusiasts who may not frequent these institutions. The aim of this game is to encourage individuals to incorporate museums into their everyday lives by exploring the question: How can museums be engaged beyond exhibitions?

Furthermore, “#MuseumBuzzying | Museum Bingo” is designed to create an online community where participants inspire each other to engage with museums more actively by sharing their experiences in the comments. When a quest is completed, please use the hashtag #MuseumBuzzying and share it on social media.

This booklet complements the “#MuseumBuzzying | Museum Bingo” game by providing explanations for the quests you can complete. The engagement quests are organized into four rows based on their nature—ranging from individual activities to group engagements. The rows progressively deepen in engagement level from the first to the last.

Discover the rows of different forms of engagement in the booklet:

Download the flyer, and feel free to adapt the quests to your personal style!


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