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Do ‘gallery selfies’ ruin the experience of museums?

It doesn’t become about, ‘Hey, look at this Rembrandt.’ It becomes, ‘Hey, look at me with this Rembrandt,’” he says. “‘Look at this Rembrandt as sort of a wallpaper in the background, so that I can show that I’ve been there.’ But it’s taking away the experience of looking and engaging.

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“Creativity” is one of those grab-bag terms, like “happiness” and “love,” that can mean so many things it runs the risk of meaning nothing at all. And yet some of history’s greatest minds have attempted to capture, explain, describe, itemize, and dissect the nature of creativity. After similar omnibi of cultural icons’ most beautiful and articulate definitions of art, of science, and of love, here comes one of creativity. – Brain Pickings