BdA119 on CAMOCnews!

BdA119 on CAMOCnews!


Frankfurt Tarih Müzesi‘nde Bibliothek der Alten için Almanya Göçmen Kadınlar Birliği ile yürüttüğümüz proje CAMOCnews’de yayımlandı. 

CAMOC (the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities /Kent Müzelerinin Koleksiyonları ve Etkinlikleri) dünyanın farklı yerlerindeki kent müzebilimcilerini buluşturuyor. Böylelikle, diyebiliriz ki, BdA119 projesi sesini dünyanın farklı kentlerine duyuruyor ve müzelerin, kentin bir parçasını oluşturan göçmenlerle nasıl bağ kurabileceğine dair bir örnek sunuyor.  


“Federal German Migrant Women Association means a huge family to me.♥︎ ” 2014 © hmf, Photo: Elif Çiğdem Artan


The project that we conduct together with the Federal German Migrant Women’s Association for Bibliothek der Alten in the Frankfurt Historical Museum is published on CAMOCnews. 

CAMOC (the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities) gathers together city museologists from all around the world. In this perspective, it’s possible to consider that BdA119 project is broadcasting their voice to various cities in the world andand is presenting an example to city museums in terms of how to engage with migrants forming an important component of urban life.

What would you store, if you had a box to be preserved in a museum for 105 years? This is the question that we are seeking after with the Federal German Migrant Women’s Association for the Bibliothek der Alten (Library of Elder), a cross-generational artistic reminiscence project initiated by the internationally renowned artist Sigrid Sigurdsson and located in the Frankfurt Historical Museum. 

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