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A few weeks ago, I presented a part of my doctoral research at our graduate school’s, Center for Metropolitan Studies, annual conference in Berlin. Instead of talking only about theoretical framework (nor preliminary notes of my on-going field study), I aimed to display recent political cases from Turkey in order to highlight the importance of archiving born digital materials. The idea was to show some footages. In other words, during my talk, I screened short clips from three activist videos as supporting examples of my arguments. It was clear that images would talk better than I do. Indeed, they did. It was obvious in the audience’s reaction both during and after my talk. Now, I’m thinking about publishing it. But my concern is not finding the most suitable academic platform. (My research project is not there yet.) Actually, I’ve been questioning, how can I receive feedback about my talks/papers which include moving image? Especially, when image is the object, not a reference.

I’m aware that one of the most common ways to include moving image is narration. Author describes the environment, atmosphere, people, emotions, talks, etc. S/he mostly tries to benefit from the power of literature. But, seriously, today? Aren’t we in the age of digital publishing?

At this point, digital humanities appears in my mind with its huge discussion on knowledge production in digital: Social Reading. Writing-and-Sharing. Blogging-and-Social Media. Fresh New Ideas-and-On-going Discussions. Reproducing-and-Re-sharing-and-Re-discussing. Yes, this is academia. And social reading on the Internet facilitates reaching more people, especially people that you haven’t met in person yet, and collecting diversified-interdisciplinary-comments. It definitely enhances your research. Because it is beyond sending a paper to a particular email list, and hope getting some responses. Plus, emailing keeps discussion one-to-one. Social reading steers the community discussion. This is what I’m actually looking for my talks/papers: Hearing some comments. So, my new question is, how can I make this happen?

After having this question in my mind for the last few weeks by reviewing various online magazines, platforms, and blogs, I have decided to add a new category to my blog, urbanbuzzy, and post my questions about my doctoral research. -Stay tuned!-

Please, come join me, and leave your comments.
Any contribution would be appreciated.


Photo: Fatih Pınar

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